Building Automation

///Building Automation

All commercial, residential and industrial buildings have a lot of parameters which need to regularly controlled and monitored. Apart from comfort and convenience, such automation is essential for monitoring all critical parameters. This is achieved through a Building Management system also known as Building Automation system. All such systems can be connected to the internet and can be monitored and controlled from remote locations. Also, different buildings in different locations can be combined to a single system for central monitoring.

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Vacker Africa supplies various kinds of building automation systems in African region. Our automation system can be accessed in different countries such as Djibouti, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, Morocco, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Angola and Algeria. Our services are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We are always looking forward to serve our customers with to provide them with optimum satisfaction.

Building Automation System

Building automation system helps to control different critical parameters of a building in an effective way. Building automation systems are the basics of smart homes. Along with making our life more comfortable the building automation system helps us to increase the security level in our homes. They also contribute in saving energy and time.


Modern building automation systems are also driven towards developing more eco-friendly environment. One special feature of the building automation system is that these systems can be connected and controlled through computers, smartphones etc. with the help of internet. Presence of user in the building is not necessary to control the system and can be controlled from a remote location. Automation system of different building can also be combined into one central system and easily monitored.

Some major parameters used in commercial buildings that require automation are heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, fire and smoke monitoring systems, access control systems, gas leakage monitoring system (Gas Sensors), light levels, presence and motion of people (utilizing Motion sensors and Presence sensors), water levels in tanks etc.

Protocols for Building Management System


The language used by various equipment to communicate with each other and transfer data in an automation system is known as protocols. There are various protocols supplied by our company for the building management system. Some of the most common protocols supplied by us are KNX, Modbus, BACnet and Lonworks. If you require to add any equipment in the current existing system the equipment also require to be of same protocol, however if not then KNX can be used which is an open protocol.

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