Optical Fiber Cable

Optical Fiber Cable is the revolutionary wire system that has changed the way of transmission of data and information from one location to another. Our company Vacker Africa is one of the top suppliers of high quality Electrical Equipment such as optical fibers to the industries related to the information transmission. People of different countries such as Kenya, Djibouti, Tanzania, Chad, Angola, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, etc. are benefiting from our product.

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optical-fibre-cables-vackerIntroduction to Optical Fiber

Optical fibers are capable of transmitting information and data in the form of light pulses. These wires are unaffected by the electromagnetic fields around it. Hence, it can transmit information and data without any disturbance from the electromagnetic field. Most copper wires are being replaced by the optical fibers for transmitting information and data.

There are two strands of fibers in the optical fiber which collaborate with each other for the transmission of information of data. These strands are coated with plastic layers individually. The two main parts of the optical fibers are core and shell. These parts consist of their own distinct refractive index which aids in total internal reflection of waves. A layer of polyimide is used to protect the shell from getting damaged. The information travels in the form of light hence there are different light absorbing glasses put between the fibers to reduce the leakage of light from one fiber to another. This also results in reducing the unwanted crosstalk between the fibers.

fiber-optics VackerAfricaCapacity of Optical Fiber Cables

There are two types of optical fibers on the basis of their capability to transmit data and information.

1. Single mode optical fiber

They are used to transfer information over a long distance. They are capable of transferring Petabit of information in one second to the distance of around 50km. Hence a huge load of data can be transferred over a long distance in a very less time. ISP generally uses these types of cables.

2. Multimode Optical Fiber

Multimode optical fibers are used to transfer data over a short distance.

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optical-fibre-cables VackerAfricaTypes of Optical Cables

There are mainly two types of optical fiber cables and they are conductive optical fiber cables and non-conductive optical fiber cables.

1. Conductive Optical Fibers

These can be further divided into

  • Conductive optical fiber cables
  • Conductive optical fiber plenum cables
  • Conductive optical fiber riser cables
  • Conductive optical fiber general use cables

2. Non-conductive optical fiber cables

These can be further divided into

  • Non-conductive optical fiber plenum cables
  • Non-conductive optical fiber riser cables
  • Non-conductive optical fiber general use cables

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