Electricity has been an integral part of modern life. Most of the devices we use in this modern generation are powered by electricity. But unfortunately there are places where there is frequent power cut or no electricity at all. In such cases generator is the solution for the problems. Our company Vacker Africa supplies various Electrical Equipment including different models of generators in different countries of African continent such as Kenya, Djibouti, Tanzania, Chad, Angola, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, etc.

portable-generatorIntroduction to Generators

Generators are the devices that are capable of converting mechanical energy into electric energy. The voltage of the generator depends on different factors such as the strength of magnetic field, motion speed of the conductor, the size of the conductor and angle at which magnetic field has been cut. The main part of the generator is said to be the dynamo. These dynamos are capable of generating direct current with the help of a commutator. Other parts of the generator are the rotors and stators.

Africa is the second largest and populated continent in the world. Although being large and hugely populated Africa has many underdeveloped regions where electricity is not available or there is a constant power cut. In such areas, the Generator supplied by our company Vacker Africa has proven to be the lifeline. People in such regions are able to do different works such as using computers, running hospitals, watching television etc. with the help of the generators supplied by our company Vacker Africa. There are different types of generators supplied by our company as follows:

1. The Elementary AC Generatorelectric-generator

These are the basic type of generators. It possesses a wire loop that is capable of rotating around a still magnetic field. When the wire loop rotates and cuts the magnetic field electromagnetic force is created which is picked by the brushes that are connected to the wire. These type of generators are further categorized into two parts:

a. The Elementary DC Generator

It consists of a couple of segments of rings made of metal. They form a commutator which substitutes the slip rings which converts AC generator into DC generator.

b. The Practical DC Generator

In this type of generator,industrial-power-generator the number of multiple segments and framework coils are always equal. These practical generators are different than that of an elementary generator.

Classification of Generators

A generator also can be classified on the basis of the type of field connection in the generator. These generators are classified into three divisions as follows

1. Series wound

Self-wound generators are the type of generators consists of the fields which are connected in series.

2. Parallel wound

Shunt wound generators which are also known as parallel wound generators consists of fields connected in parallel with each other.

3. Compound wound

Compound wound generators consists of both parallel-wound and series-wound generators.