Thermocouple is a very useful device especially in the industries and research field. They are capable of measuring temperature even in the harsh conditions of industries without any continuous supply of energy to it. Our company Vacker Africa has been supplying thermocouples to some of the top industries in the African region. Some of the countries in Africa where our Electrical Equipment products can be found are Kenya, Djibouti, Tanzania, Chad, Angola, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, etc.

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Introduction to Thermocouple

Thermocouple is an electrical device that is made up of two distinct electric conductors joined together and is capable of measuring temperature of a location. Thermocouple produces different voltage in different temperatures which becomes the basic foundation of measuring temperature. We also can say it as a kind of thermal sensors.

History of Thermocouple

It was a German scientist who proposed the basic principle of thermocouple in 1821. In his experiment he found out that when two metal rods are joined together a kind of magnetic field can be created when they have a temperature difference between them. It results in the generation of a voltage through which we can measure the temperature of a location.


These thermocouples are used in different industries and science laboratories. Some of the places where thermocouples are used are steel industries, process plants, power production plants, gas appliance safety, thermopile radiation sensors. Sometimes these thermocouples can also be used as vacuum gauge.

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Different Types of Thermocouples

There are different types of alloys used to make the metal strips in the thermocouple. The alloys used in a thermocouple are determined by many different factors such as melting point of the alloy, stability, chemical properties of alloys, magnetism of the alloy, availability and cost. Some types of thermocouples that are provided by our company Vacker Africa are as follows:

1. Nickel Alloy Thermocouples

These thermocouples are constructed with different types of alloys of nickel. Different sub types of these thermocouples are Type E, Type J, Type K, Type M, Type N and Type T.

2. Platinum/Rhodium Alloy Thermocouples

These types of thermocouples are useful in measuring very high temperature. In this type of thermocouple alloys are not used but pure metals are used. Different types of platinum/rhodium thermocouples are Type B, Type R and Type S.

3. Tungsten/Rhenium Alloy Thermocouples

These thermocouples are capable of measuring very extremely high temperature. They can measure temperature as low as 0 degree Celsius and as high as 2315 degree Celsius. But when these thermocouples are used in environment consisting of inert atmosphere then they can measure temperature up to 2760 degree Celsius. Different sub types of these thermocouples are Type C, Type D and Type G.

There are other types of thermocouples such as Type P thermocouples, platinum/ molybdenum alloy thermocouples, etc.

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