Single-use USB Data Logger

////Single-use USB Data Logger

Vacker Africa supplies various types of data loggers for the customers in the Africa region. One of them is our easy to use USB data logger. Our company supplies various types of USB data logger in various countries such as Kenya, Djibouti, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Angola, Chad, Congo, Cameroon and many more.

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USB Data Logger

A USB data logger is just like any other data loggers which are capable of recording various data of different parameters. These data loggers come in the form of USB. The recorded data logger can be obtained with the help of a computer or any other device that support USB port. Some examples of our USB data loggers are USB temperature data logger, USB temperature data logger, USB pressure data logger, USB pressure data logger etc. Our USB data loggers are being used in different sectors such as pharmaceutical industries, science research centers, food industries, cold chain management, etc.

There are two types of USB data loggers supplied by our company Vacker Africa. They are Single use USB data logger and Multi use USB data logger. Here we are specially going to discuss about single use temperature USB data logger.

Single-use USB Data Logger


These single use USB data loggers are also known as disposable USB data loggers because these data loggers are useful to collect data only for one time. These data loggers are generally used in transportation of food, medicines, vaccines, blood etc. These data loggers are relatively cheaper than the multi-use USB data logger and are used when a single set of data is required. Some various type of single use USB temperature data loggers are as follows:

  1. Single-use USB Temperature Data Logger Model USB PDF without Display


    These types of data loggers do not require any kind of special software. The data recorded by the device can be viewed through Microsoft excel, Adobe and text reports. The recorded data also can be viewed in notepad. The USB data logger can be reprogrammed easily before the use.

  2. Single use USB temperature data logger with internal calibration report

    This single use USB data logger comes with an inbuilt calibration report. This data logger is especially useful for the user who require calibrated data logger. The device is very cheap and user friendly which is the reason of its growing popularity.

  3. Disposable USB temperature data logger Model USB pdf (LCD display)

    This is a more advanced model than the previous data loggers. The data logger comes with a LCD display which displays the current temperature reading as well as maximum and minimum readings. It also shows the time period of the highest and lowest reading.

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