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Vacker Africa is a company working world wide and providing different engineering solutions to the problems related to Building Automation, electronic devices, industrial processes etc. Thermal Imaging Camera is a very useful device which finds its application in different fields. Our company has been supplying the infrared thermal imaging camera in African regions for the past many years. Our products can be found in different countries in the African region such as Kenya, Djibouti, Tanzania, Chad, Angola, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo-Pacific and Zimbabwe.

ir-thermal-cameraIntroduction of Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera is a device that does not use visible light rays to form an image but instead uses infrared rays from an object to form an image. The image formed by the thermal imaging camera is two-dimensional. Thermal imaging camera is also simply known as infrared camera.

Types of Infrared Camera (Thermal Imaging Camera)

The thermal imaging camera consists of two types of detector and hence is classified into two types on the basis of the detector. The two types of detector are cooled infrared detector and uncooled infrared detector.

1. Thermal Imaging Camera with Cooled Infrared Detector

The detectors of the camera are cooled before using this type of camera. Without cooling detectors, these types of camera are unable to function properly. These types of camera are very expensive. These cameras also have high operational cost.

2. Thermal Imaging Camera with Uncooled Infrared Detectorinfrared-thermal-imaging-camera

These types of camera are perfect for the use in the normal environment. The detectors do not require any kind of cooling for the proper functioning of the device. These cameras are cheaper and their operational cost is also lower than the thermal imaging camera with cooled infrared detector.


The application field of thermal imaging camera or infrared camera is very wide. These devices have revolutionized some of the sectors and their method of functioning. Some of its applications have been listed below:

1. Electrical PDM

This is surely the biggest application of thermal imaging camera. The distribution and generation of electricity can be monitored with the help of the thermal imaging camera. It helps in detecting faults in electrical circuits instantly which saves both our time and money.

2. Surveillance

The surveillance of a subject also can be done with the help of an infrared camera or a thermal imaging camera. These cameras are able to work even in the dark night hence these cameras can be used for surveillance even at night. These cameras help the security department to observe every movement of a targeted person or subject even through the closed doors and windows. Hence these type of cameras are very popular among the professionals of the national security department, police department or any other crime investing department.

ir-thermal-camera-real-time3. For Search and Rescue Mission

The infrared thermal imaging camera also helps in saving lives. They have helped to save millions of life till date. This type of camera helps to continue a search mission even during the night. They have helped to find people or animals who are lost in the jungle or trapped in places such as the mountains or dark caves.

4. Fire-fighting

These cameras are a must in the fire-fighting department. These cameras help to identify the hot spot during a fire hazard. The firefighters also can continue their rescue operation even in the smoky environment. These cameras are also helpful in detecting any kind of fire hazard in airplanes, helicopters etc.