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Cryogenic equipment are specially designed equipment that helps in protecting and sustaining certain products for a longer period of time by operating at a very low temperature. Although refrigerators also work in very low temperature they cannot be called a cryogenics because cryogenics operate in much lower temperature than the refrigerator. There is almost a difference of about 180 degree Celsius between the operating temperature of refrigerator and cryogenics. Some of the general equipment that is used for cryogenic application are pressure vessels, container, cold traps, purifiers and pipes. Vacker Africa supplies different types of Cryogenic equipment in countries like Chad, South Africa, Nigeria, Niger, etc.

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The study of properties of objects when they are kept under very low temperature is called cryogenics. The scientist studying cryogenics is called a Cryogenicist. There is no clear mention of the point of temperature at which cryogenic start in physics. According to the scientific assumption that if a gas can be liquefied at -150 degree Celsius or below than those gasses can be called cryogenic gasses. But according to the National institute of Standard and Technology of the United States, the standard temperature for cryogenic equipment is -180 degree Celsius. Some of the cryogenic gasses include gasses like oxygen, nitrogen, helium, argon, etc.

One thing to remember for the user ofc cryogenic equipment is the equipment must be properly insulated. Proper insulation of the equipment ensures the equipment can properly operate as the required temperature can easily be maintained. The insulation also protects the user from the extremely low temperature of the equipment. Also, many cryogenics equipment may contain harmful materials which are blocked by insulation from coming out. Nitrogen and helium are the most widely used liquids for cryogenics. Especially it requires extremely low temperature for liquid helium. We supply our customers with wide range of cryogenic equipment that may include piping systems, valves and gasses. The cryogenic equipment is also maintained at a high pressure which helps the cryogenic liquid stay in the liquid state. Dewar flask which is a common cryogenic equipment used was introduced by Sir James Dewar.


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Dewar flask

Dewar flask is a specially designed container that comes with a vacuum chamber which is an almost vacuum in which transmission of heat is virtually zero. The heat neither can transmit through convection nor through convection.

Applications of cryogenic equipment

  1. Enhancing of chemical reactions
  2. Storage of chemical items
  3. Metal processing
  4. Cooling and freezing
  5. Storage of chemical items
  6. Safe transportation

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