Cryogenic Spares

Vacker Africa is one of the leading supplier of cryogenics equipment and spare parts in the African region. We offer you the most cost effective products with a wide range of models to meet your requirement. All our products are validated by the international standards which makes our products trustworthy and reliable. Our products and services are available in different countries in African region such as South Africa, Chad, Tanzania, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Libya, Nigeria, Kenya, Djibouti, Congo, Congo-Pacific, Angola etc.

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Our stock of wide range of Cryogenic equipment and accessories includes hundreds of products. Whether you require spares for your Ultra low temperature equipment, optical cryostats or for your super conducting magnets you are sure to get what you need from our company. With fast delivery and quick replacement of faulty parts our company has succeeded in winning the trust of millions of customers throughout the world.

List of Cryogenic Spares supplied by Vacker Africa

Following are some of our products supplied to our customers:

  1. Cryogenic temperature controller
  2. Electronic parts ( electrical connectors and compressor absorber) for all kinds of cryogenic systems
  3. Sample rods and holders
  4. Liquid helium transfer tubes
  5. Dewars for the transportation of cryogenic liquid
  6. Wide range of temperature sensors for low temperature
  7. Cryogenic liquid level meter
  8. Super conducting magnet power supplies
  9. Optical/ spectroscopy cryostat windows
  10. Transfer hoses for cryogenic liquid
  11. Adaptors and fittings for cryogenic liquid

Vacker Africa also supply wide range of safety equipment such as cryogenic gloves and aprons along with oxygen depletion monitors for the proper handling of cryogenic liquids and accessories. Our products has high safety standards and we are proud to provide safer working environment in the field of cryogenics.

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