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Insulated containers have a huge role in the transportation of products that are sensitive to temperature. Our company Vacker Africa provides wide range of insulated containers for the shipment of various products such as chemicals, organs, blood, food items etc. Vacker Africa’s high quality insulated containers are available in different countries of Africa such as Chad, Nigeria, Niger, Algeria, Angola, Kenya, Congo, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Djibouti, South Africa, Morocco, Rwanda and many more. We are proud to supply cost-effective high quality insulated containers in these countries. We are capable of supplying every kinds of insulated container according to the demand of our customers.

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What is an Insulated Container?

The insulated containers are also more commonly known as intermodal containers or insulated swap bodies. These are special types of containers that help to prevent the transfer of heat from the outer environment into the container. These containers are made up of different kinds of materials such as foamed plastics, fabricated thermal blankets, gas panels, bubble wrap etc. These containers are used for safe transportation of various kinds of things which include medicines too. Maintaining safe temperature for a certain kind of product is the main use of insulated container. Some insulated containers act as refrigeration units which do not require any kind of electrical charging. Such types of insulated containers are often carried by a patient of diabetes to carry insulin injections. Vacker Africa provides various types of container which include single-use insulated container and multi-use insulated container. Single-use insulated container can be used only once while multi-use insulated container can be used multiple times.

Choosing an Insulated Container

The first thing buyer of insulated container should look is the thickness and thermal conductivity of the products, because these two things are the two main characteristics of insulated container that determines its effectiveness. Other than that the buyer also should be looking for the kind of packaging and refrigeration being used in the container. The packaging helps to insulate the container as well as protect the products from different shocks during the shipment. Hence packaging also plays a vital role in the safety of goods carried in the container. Refrigerants play a key role in keeping the goods in the appropriate temperature in the container. Different types of refrigerants can be used to keep the goods in stable temperature. Many insulated containers use ice as refrigerant as it one of the most effective and cheap refrigerant.

The customer also should consider multi-use insulated containers if the shipment is required several times as multi-use insulated container are cheaper in the long run. These containers are also environment friendly.

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