IQF Individually Quick Frozen Freezers

///IQF Individually Quick Frozen Freezers

Individual quick frozen freezers which are commonly known as IQF is a widely used in food industries. IQF freezers machines are capable of freezing food items individually which may be difficult to freeze. Different types of sea foods such as prawns and even raspberries are often preserved by using IQF freezers. The IQF systems are often used in culinary arts.

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Vacker Africa Supplies various types of IQF freezers and service all over African region. Some of the countries where our services are available are Chad, Nigeria, Libya, Kenya, Congo, Congo-Pacific, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Rwanda, Morocco, Angola, Niger and much more.

IQF foods are distinctively frozen separately rather than a group which helps in maintaining the individual taste, texture and form of the individual food. If such technique is not used than the food items may freeze together and look like a single lump of food removing the individual taste, texture and forms of the food items. Some example of food items that are individually quick frozen are corn, shrimps, prawns, scallops, green beans, peas, meat etc. To know the importance of IQF freezers we can take the example of a bag of peas. If the pea is frozen normally without using IQF then all the seeds of pea will be sticking with each other and look like a lump. Without the IQF the seeds cannot maintain their individuality. Cluster freezing of small food items can be easily prevented with IQF freezers. Maintaining the quality of the food is also easier with the IQF freezers.

In IQF freezers the food items are frozen separately as the food items are individually sent into the freezers with the help of a conveyor belt. IQF freezer may use cryogenic liquids such as nitrogen gas or carbon dioxide gas. One of the advantages of the IQF is that it can be done for products that may contain a large amount of water inside them as well as items that may have sauce coating.

The IQF freezers supplied by Vacker Africa are more eco-friendly and energy efficient than the cryogenic system. Use of ammonia as a refrigerant can be done in the IQF system which will have no impact on ozone depletion and global warming. These systems are also cost efficient in long term with relation to cryogenic freezing systems.

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