Lyophilizers and Freeze Dryers

///Lyophilizers and Freeze Dryers

Lyophilization is the process of dehydrating a product after getting frozen. Lyophilization involves changing of ice directly into vapor without going in liquid condition. This technique has existed thousands of years ago for preserving food products for a very long time. With the modernization in techniques, the process of lyophilization has evolved vastly in the present day and time but the basics remain the same. Lyophilization is also commonly known as freeze-drying. This technique is also vastly used in the health and medicine industry. One of the main known application of lyophilization is the production of anti-rabies vaccine which has helped save millions of life. The vaccine is prepared by freeze drying of live rabies virus.

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The devices used for the process of Lyophilization or freeze drying are known as Lyophilizers or Freeze dryers. These devices help in lyophilization of products which help in preserving them and make them more suitable for transportation. Vacker Africa has years of experience in supplying high-quality freeze dryers for industrial, commercial and domestic use. Vacker Africa's freeze dryers are available in different countries of Africa such as Chad, Nigeria, Niger, Angola, Kenya, Libya, Congo, Congo-Pacific, Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco etc. Vacker Africa’s freeze dryers are cost efficient and highly reliable. All are products meet the international standards and hence we have been able to win the trust of millions of our customers.

History of Freeze Drying

Humans came to know the technique of freeze drying around 1250 BC. Ancient Peruvian Incas used to protect their potato yield by storing them above Machu Picchu. Even the South Americans used the same technique to protect their potato yield. They used to carry the potatoes in tubers towards the high altitude of Andes Mountain. The low temperature and low pressure helped the potatoes to be freeze dried. Along with these, there are many other incidents in history where the process of freeze drying has been mentioned. During the Second World War contemporary freeze- drying technique was developed. These techniques are now popular at a commercial level. Products such as manufacturing ceramics, diagnostic kits, synthetic skin, pharmaceuticals etc. are being preserved by the method of freeze drying.

Application sectors of Freeze Dryers or Lyophilizers

Freeze dryers or Lyophilizers are being used in wide range of fields. Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food processing industry, agriculture, technological industry etc. are some of the sectors where freeze dryers are commonly used. Freeze drying are also being used in recovery of paper documents which are damaged by water.

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