Vacker Ghana offers services related to pneumatic systems in the region of Africa. We supply different components of pneumatic systems such as pneumatic valve, pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic switch, pneumatic actuators, etc. Our pneumatic system and services have been used by many industrial plants due to a reasonable price and excellent quality. Our company has been supplying services and products of pneumatics and other Mechanical equipment in various cities of Africa such as Accra, Kumasi, Tamale, Takoradi, Achiaman, Tema, etc.

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Pneumatic system


We provide and help to install different types of pneumatic system which are capable of meeting your every kind of requirement. We have been supplying different pneumatic systems for many industrial plants for many years. Some of our pneumatic systems available are as follows:

  1. Negative Pressure Dilute Phase system
  2. Sushi Conveyer
  3. Rotary Valve Bulk Materials Handling system
  4. Full Automatic Bottle Filling System
  5. Automatic Water Filling System
  6. Vertical Packing Machine System
  7. Shrink Package System
  8. Carbonated Drink Filling System
  9. Industrial Barreled water Treatment system

We also provide other pneumatic system for industries according to the requirement of our clients.

Pneumatic Valve

Pneumatic Valves by Vacker Ghana are highly reliable, durable and reasonably priced. We provide an extended range of pneumatic valves to meet your requirement. Such is our reliability that our pneumatic valves have been used for military applications along with large industries, mining and aerospace.

Some of our different models of pneumatic valves are as follows:

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Pneumatic Direction control valve

  1. Pneumatic lockout valve
  2. Pneumatic threshold sensor
  3. Pneumatic check valve
  4. Pneumatic flow control valve
  5. Pneumatic limit valve
  6. Pneumatic flow control and needle valve
  7. Pneumatic solenoid valve
Pneumatic tubes

Vacker Ghana supplies various Mechanical equipment and models of pneumatic tubes for industrial applications as well as communication, transportation and hospitals. Our company Vacker Ghana has a long history of supplying pneumatic tubes for every kind of purpose. With unquestionable reliability and durability, our pneumatic tubes are the number one pneumatic tubes in the Africa region. And the best thing is that it comes at a very reasonable price. Our company Vacker Ghana is committed to providing to meet the demands of our customers and hence we keep on upgrading our products and services on a daily basis. Our fast delivery, high-quality products, reliability has made us the finest company operating in Africa region.

Pneumatic cylinders

Whether you are looking for single acting pneumatic cylinders or double acting pneumatic cylinders Vacker Ghana provides all kinds of pneumatic cylinders including multi-stage telescoping cylinder. With models of pneumatic cylinders of every size, you can easily get the size of pneumatic cylinders you require. Our experience in the market helps us understand the complex needs of customers hence, we have designed our pneumatic cylinders based on the latest trend and requirement of our customers. We have been able to establish a high reputation among our customers with the supply of very dependable pneumatic cylinders. We also provide complete services from the installation of pneumatic cylinders in your place to different problems that may arise during the operational period. We know the value of the advice of experts in the field hence we also provide expert’s advice throughout the whole year.

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