Mechanical pumps

The demands of mechanical pumps have been increasing day by day due to its widespread application. Vacker Ghana is the top company in Africa supplying mechanical equipment such as mechanical pumps for the people in Africa region. We supply mechanical pumps of different types such as the axial pump, centrifugal pump, mechanical drives, etc. for industrial use as well as residential use. You can order our products in different cities of Africa such as Accra, Kumasi, Tamale, Takoradi, Achiaman, Tema, etc. With our mechanical pumps what you find is high reliability with reasonable price. Our mechanical pumps are an example of engineering excellence. With a sophisticated design, our mechanical pumps are sure to have high durability and long-serving terms.

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Introduction to mechanical pump


Mechanical pump can be defined as a device that is engineered to move different kinds of liquids and gases from a location to another location. With the variation in the working technology mechanical pumps are generally of three types which are namely gravity pumps, direct lift pumps, and displacement pumps. Mechanical pumps find their application from common homes to different fields on an industrial level. They are profusely used in water treatment plant, oil, and gas plant and even in medical fields. Some of the common uses of the mechanical pumps are as follows:

  1. Mechanical pumps are useful in pumping oil, gases etc. in the oil industry.
  2. Mechanical pumps are also useful in pumping out water from the ground for irrigation or drinking purposes. It has become a very reliable source of water where other sources are not available.
  3. They are helpful in filtering of aquariums on a large scale.
  4. They help to draw out water from well and ponds. They are very helpful in case water needs to dry out from ponds or swimming pool, etc.
  5. They are also an important device in medical industries in which they are required in performing various kinds of biochemical processes.
  6. Nowadays they are also used in artificial organ transplant such as artificial heart.

Different models of mechanical pumps

Vacker Ghana supplies various models of mechanical pumps as listed below:

  1. Centrifugal pump


    If you require pumping of water, petroleum or petrochemical products then our centrifugal pump is the perfect device for you. Our centrifugal pumps are absolutely powerful unsurpassed by any other brands of centrifugal pumps. Our centrifugal pump has been very popular and is widely being used in water treatment plant, petrochemical plant, beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry, pulp and paper industry etc. We provide different types of centrifugal pumps which may be divided into mainly four types which are magnetic drives, closed coupled, multi-stage and self-priming.

  2. Axial pump

    Our axial pumps are designed to produce very high flow rate in liquid with minimum pressure. Whether it be power plants or chemical industry our various models of axial pumps are sure to meet your requirements. Our axial pumps are extremely durable and have been used for irrigation in the fields, different types of industrial processes, drainage projects, primary water supplies etc. With our model of axial dehumidifier, you can bid farewell to the poor performing noisy pumps because our pumps supreme design ensures low noise and high performance.

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