Lab Equipment and Analyzers

///Lab Equipment and Analyzers

Our company Vacker Africa provides a wide range of Lab Equipment and Analyzers for our clients to choose from. Our Medical Equipment products are widely accepted as having one of the best quality that is available in the market. We are one of the leading suppliers of lab equipment and analyzers in the African region. Our products can be found in different countries of Africa such as Kenya, Djibouti, Tanzania, Chad, Angola, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, etc.

Introduction to Lab Equipment and Analyzers


A lab is a room or a specific location made to carry out different kinds of research or investigative work related to different fields. Since different experiments and testing work is done during a research or investigation of certain factors, we require specialized equipment and analyzers for the process which are known as lab equipment and analyzers.

Lab equipment and analyzers are the base of a research work. These equipment and analyzers helps to carry out different procedures easily, accurately and safely. This equipment is also helpful in creating the appropriate environment to carry out a procedure.

Generally, lab equipment refers to different kinds of apparatus, kits, utensils, devices, machineries, etc. which are basically used to carry out different procedures in the lab. Analyzers are also lab equipment but specially designed to analyze the results of a procedure in the lab. They help in retrieving a conclusion of different procedures.

Vacker Africa supplies different kinds of lab equipment and analyzers for different fields such as medical, biology, physics, chemistry, etc. As we know that different field have different requirements of equipment and analyzers, we have different experts of equipment from different fields working for our company. They provide you with expert advices to handle and maintain the equipment we are supplying to you.

There are different types of laboratory according to the field. Some of the common types of laboratory are as follows:

  1. biology-laborator-equipment-vackerBiology Laboratory

    Biology laboratory generally have equipment and analyzers related to the study of different life forms. Some of the common equipment are Microscope, glass wares (beakers, flask, test-tube, glass rod, etc.) pipettes, thermometers, Bunsen burner, centrifuges.

    These are only some of the equipment that we supply. We also supply more advanced and expensive equipment such as photometer, thermal cyclers, incubators, freezers, laminar hoods etc. Our different types of analyzers are calorimeter, high performance liquid chromatography, moisture analyzer, pH meter, etc.

  2. Chemistry Laboratory

    There is a lot of equipment that is used in a chemistry laboratory which is also used in a biology laboratory. Some other instruments which are used in the chemistry laboratory are watch glass, volumetric flask, crucible, evaporating dish, spatula, burette, etc.

    Likewise some of the analyzers that are used in the chemistry laboratory are chromatography, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, electrophoresis, field flow fractionation, etc.

  3. microscope-for-laboratory-vackerafricaPhysics Laboratory

    The equipment and analyzers in the physics laboratory are somewhat different from the equipment and analyzers that are used in the biology and chemistry laboratories. Some of the equipment in the physics laboratory used are resistance box, Vernier caliper, micrometer screw gauge, voltammeter, ammeter, compass, resistance box rheostat, tuning fork, etc.

    Some of the analyzers that are used in physics laboratory are wave motion apparatus, travelling microscope, dynamo and motors, etc.