The process of eliminating different transmissible agents from a subject is known as sterilizing. Some of the agents involve bacteria, fungi, plasmodium as well as many other biological pathogens. The process of sterilizing may be done through natural process or by using chemicals. Some factors of sterilizing are heat, pressure, irradiation, filtration etc. Sterilizing helps to keep the subject clean and disease free for a longer time. Vacker Africa supplies different Chemosterilants (an agent that helps in sterilizing subjects) in the African continent. Sterilisers are supplied in countries such as Kenya, Congo, Angola, Djibouti, South Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Cameroon, Chad, Algeria, Niger, Nigeria, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Lebanon.

Applications of Sterilizing

There are various applications of sterilizing an object and in many cases sterilizing help to save millions of lives every day. Some of the main applications of the process are discussed below:

  1. Foods

    Sterilizing food helps the food to be preserved for a longer period of time. Sterilizing helps to eliminate germs, which are the main cause of food getting damaged. Hence sterilizing is very important especially if the food needs to be stored for a longer period of time. Sterilizing is a vital process in food processing industries.

  2. sterlizing-medical-equipmentMedicine and Surgery

    Medical surgery is a very sensitive process as it involves direct contact of medical instruments to the internal part of a patient. This can cause infection of different diseases in the body of patient’s body if the equipment is not sterilized. Hence to protect the body of a patient during medical surgery sterilizing becomes very important. Also, sterilized medicines and other pharmaceutical products are also important for the same reason. Vacker Africa supplies various types of sterilizing agents for pharmaceutical and medical purpose.

  3. Spacecraft

    The international rules are strict especially regarding the protection of space from the contamination from earthy germs and chemicals. Hence to keep the space safe sterilizing spacecraft is an important procedure.

Methods of Sterilization

Below listed are few of the methods used for Sterilization:

  1. high-temperature-sterilization-vackerHeat

    Heat is one of the main factor that is used for sterilization. There are different ways heat energy can be used for sterilization. Steam sterilizers or autoclave is one of the ways to sterilize object. Simply using dry heat is another option for sterilizing. Dry heat has the capability to destroy microorganism and make the subject sterile. Flaming too is popular for sterilizing small metal and glass objects. Flaming can be done with the use of Bunsen burner or alcohol lamp.

  2. Incineration

    This method can turn any organisms into ash and often used for sterilizing process of medical waste and bio-hazardous waste.

  3. Glass bead Sterilizers

    Vacker Africa has been supplying glass bead sterilizers that are very helpful in sterilizing various objects. Generally, the glass bead is heated up to 250 degree Celsius and the instruments to be sterilized is subjected in the glass bead for sterilization.

  4. table-top-sterilizerChemical Sterilization

    Some objects and instruments are very sensitive to heating and it is better to use chemical method for the process of sterilization. Some of the chemicals that can be used for sterilization are as follows:

    1. Ethylene oxide
    2. Nitrogen dioxide
    3. Ozone
    4. Glutaraldehyde and formaldehyde
    5. Hydrogen peroxide
    6. Peracetic acid