Air Cleaners

The pollution level in the atmosphere is growing with the growing industrialization and urbanization. Excess dust particles in the air can bring various kinds of problems including health risks. To get rid of these problems installation of a proper model of air purifier can be a great solution. Vacker Africa offers wide range of air purifiers for the customers to choose from. Our products are available in the countries such as South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Algeria, Chad, Djibouti, Zimbabwe, Congo, Congo-Pacific, Kenya and many more.

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Vacker Africa brings you the best models of air purifiers from some of the best manufacturers in the world. Our air purifiers have been used in large construction projects, renovation projects, hospitals and clean rooms. They are also often used in industries, blasting site, etc.

The air purifiers help to create a cleaner environment that results in a healthy environment. The clean rooms where different tests and experiments are carried out must be free from dust. The presence of dust in the air of the clean room can result in failed or wrong results. Air cleaners help to remove the particles in the air to carry out experiments and tests properly. Also, the atmosphere of the industries and construction site can be pretty dusty. This results in uncomfortable and unhealthy working environment for the people. Our company provides large industrial air cleaners to deal with such problems. Now you can relax and enjoy the fresh air with high-quality air purifiers.


Applications of Air Cleaners

  1. The atmosphere of a painting booth is filled with paint particles. Air cleaners help to remove such particles from the air.
  2. Clean and fresh air is important for clean rooms, laboratories and many commercial buildings which are maintained with the help of air cleaner.
  3. Air cleaners are helpful in removing molds and fungus from a place.
  4. The interior construction environment’s air is filled with lots of gypsum particles. Air cleaner helps to remove these harmful gypsum particles.
  5. The dust are effectively removed from the construction site and renovation sites with the help of air cleaner.
  6. Different blasting operations are done on a construction site or in industries. Such operations fill the air with lots of dust particles. Our air cleaners helps the user to get rid of these dust particles.

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Industrial Air Cleaners :- Air purifiers are required in a wide variety of applications. Construction sites, renovation sites, clean rooms, hospital ro...