Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen is an important part of our houses as well as commercial hotels and restaurants. Various kinds of kitchen equipment help the kitchen to be stylish and convenient. Vacker Africa supplies various types of kitchen equipment for domestic kitchens as well as commercial kitchens such as restaurants and hotels. We have been supplying our kitchen equipment to some of the largest hotels in the African region. Our kitchen equipment are available in different countries such as Chad, South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Congo, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, Angola, Rwanda, Libya, Morocco etc.

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Vacker Africa supplies various types of kitchen tables, chairs, dishwashers, toasters, cutleries, fryers, ovens, blender, mixer, cookers, induction stove, infrared stove, fryers etc. to our customers with the most reasonable price. We provide quick delivery service along with free expert advice for your kitchen.

Kitchen Furniture

We supply working tables, carpets and chairs for the kitchen. These kitchen furnitures come in various designs and colors to match your kitchen. You can order today various kitchen furniture from our company and give a beautiful and stylish look to your kitchen. Along with wooden working tables we also supply stainless steel working tables which are very popular nowadays.

Holding Equipment

Various kinds of holding equipment are supplied by our companies which are being used in hotels, restaurants, and other food service industries. Contact our company today for any kind of holding equipment for your kitchen.

Cooking Equipment

All kinds of cooking equipment such as fryers, rice cookers, frying pans, food warmers, hot plate, waffle makers, kettle etc. are available in the stocks of our company. All these cooking equipment are designed and manufactured according to the international standards. All the electric cooking equipment supplied by our company are energy-efficient and cost-efficient.


Vacker Africa supplies all kinds of steamers which are highly energy efficient to domestic houses, restaurants and hotels. With proper spacing system in these steamers now it is easy for you to handle all of your cooking necessities.

Kitchen Utensils

Our company also supplies different kinds of kitchen utensils such as ceramic plates, stainless steel plates, bowls, spoons, forks, ladles and much more to our customers.

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