Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

///Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Vacker Africa is an established supplier of Electrical Equipment across the African region. One of the most important devices where power cut is frequent, is the Uninterruptible Power Supply commonly known as UPS. We provide different models of UPS with different capacity for our clients. In the African region, there seems to be an upsurge in the demand of our UPS. Our devices can be bought from the market of different countries such as Kenya, Djibouti, Tanzania, Chad, Angola, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, etc.

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ups-for-server-rooms-vackerIntroduction to UPS

UPS is an electrical device which is connected with different types of other electrical devices which helps to supply uninterrupted power to the device in case of power cut due to various reasons. This helps in removing pause or stoppage of the electrical device because of the power cut. This UPS device is a must for the people who work in the desktop computer. The work being done in the computer can be deleted due to the sudden power cut hence, UPS helps to save the work due to power cuts. These devices are used as emergency backup power during the power cut. Especially in the regions where power cut is a frequent phenomenon the work being undone can be very frustrating for the computer user. UPS can be a very easy solution for such problems. They are different from an emergency power system and generators. These emergency power systems and generators do not supply power to the devices without interruption in the working of the device. Only UPS is capable of supplying power without interruption in the working of the device.

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uninterruptible-power-supply-power-back-upAdvantages of UPS

  1. It protects electrical devices from damaging due to sudden fluctuation in voltage.
  2. It can act as an emergency power supply.
  3. It maintains harmonic distortion.
  4. During the sudden power cut it helps to save the work being done in the computer. Hence, it helps in saving time and energy.