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There are different Medical Equipment that our company Vacker Africa supplies in African region. One of the most important equipment that we supply in hospitals for the medical personnel is the Medical Refrigerator. Our services for medical refrigerators can be easily accessed in different countries such as Kenya, Djibouti, Tanzania, Chad, Angola, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, etc. Our medical refrigerators are highly reliable and are designed in accordance to the standard determined by World Health Organization (WHO).

Medical Refrigerator for VaccineIntroduction to Medical Refrigerator

Medicine is a very sensitive product and is related to the safety of our life. Even slight unfavorable change in the environment can easily degrade the quality of medicine. Thus this can lead the medicine to be ineffective or even life threatening. The quality of medicine is highly affected by the temperature. The quality of medicine degrades if the medicine is kept in inappropriate temperature for an extended period of time. Hence it is necessary to keep the medicine and vaccines in the right temperature. Medical refrigerators are like general freezers but specially designed to store vaccines and medicines. These medical refrigerators are used to keep the medicines and vaccines even while being transported. Every year vaccines and medicines worth billions of dollars were wasted before the introduction of medical refrigerators. Generally the vaccines are required to be stored in temperature less than -15 degree Celsius while some medicine require temperature ranging from 2 to 8 degree Celsius to maintain their optimum quality. To maintain such storage facility during transportation and any other situation is possible only by the use of medical refrigerators. Different governments of the world have banned the use of dorm style refrigerator and have approved only medical refrigerator for the storage of vaccines since they have realized the importance of medical refrigerator.

According to the data provided from different sources, every year vaccines that cost around twenty million dollars are wasted due to the improper storage of the vaccines. Vaccines are a lifeline to maintain a healthy population so it is a combined responsibility of manufacturers, hospitals and pharmacy to protect the quality of vaccines.


Another specialty of medical refrigerator is that it does not need constant power supply unlike other refrigeration system to maintain a low temperature inside. It has helped to protect vaccines and medicines especially in remote areas where electricity may not be available. Furthermore solar medical refrigerators have been developed which works with the help of solar power.

Different types of Medical Refrigerators

The medical refrigerators are divided in two types based on the power supply as follows:

Electronic Medical Refrigerators

Electronic medical refrigerators are powered by electricity. These types of medical refrigerators are useful where there is constant supply of electricity. These medical refrigerators also may come in with inbuilt inverters to counter the problem of frequent.


Solar Medical Refrigerators

These refrigerators are powered by solar energy. These refrigerators are absolutely necessary for the regions where there is no electric supply or have frequent power-cut problem. Especially in the African regions where there are many remote regions with no electric power supply these solar medical refrigerators are very important.