Strain Gauge Data Logger

A strain gauge generally known as strain gage is a sensor which has the resistance power that differs according to the applied force. It has the capacity to convert the applied force, pressure, tension, weight into a changed electrical resistance that can be measured later. This strain gauge data logger is a device that consists of a sensor which can measure the force into changed electrical resistance. The time when external forces are applied to an object at rest, stress and strain occur as a result of the applied force. The stress that is caused is said to be the internal resistance force of the certain object. The strain is the displacement or deformation of the object that occurs due to the applied force. Vacker Africa supplies Strain Gauge Data Logger in various countries of Africa such as Kenya, Djibouti, Tanzania, Chad, Angola, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, etc.

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The Strain Gauge Data Logger is the device that is used to measure mechanical quantities. As the name defines, the strain gauge data logger is used in the measurement of strain caused while changing the applied force or pressure to the electric resistance power. The strain has two parts which is called tensile and compressive. The tensile or compressive part is determined by the positive or a negative sign. The strain gauge data logger hence can be used to know if contraction has occurred or expansion is created.

Description of Strain Gauge Data Logger

The strain gauge data loggers supplied by Vacker Africa are powered by the assistance of battery. These are generally stand-alone type of data loggers whose job is to measure and record the voltage signal that is supplied by the strain gauge or from the loaded cells and other direct current (DC) sources. These data loggers are most convenient for monitoring stress, strain, pressure, torque and data from various other sensors or transducers.

The data loggers are nowadays available in various ranges and contain the capacity to store a huge amount of data that have been monitored by the sensors. The memory that these data loggers consist of are usually non-volatile solid state memory. The main advantage of this non-volatile memory is that it can store the data even it gets discharged. So the user does not have to worry about losing the data provided by the sensors. The procedure to retrieve the data is very easy and simple. The data can be retrieved by simply plugging it to a USB port. The data that are stored in the non-volatile memory are generally in the form of easy to use graph which makes analyzing data more quickly.

There are a wide range of tools that allow the user to examine, test, export and take a print copy of the professional looking data with just the help of a click in the mouse. The strain gauge data logger can be operated and brought to its standby position by the help or assistance of the computer. The strain gauge data logger comes in various sizes. The portable and handy ones supplied by Vacker Africa can fit itself almost everywhere. In any sizes, the data retrieval is convenient and very quick. The computer that operates the data logger can also be used as a strip chart recorder. The data can be printed in both tabular and graphical format and can be exported to a text or an excel file.

Specifications of Strain Gauge Data Logger

Input ConnectionRemovable screw terminal at 6 different positions
Input ImpedanceLow impedance during inactivity, 1 MΩ during acquisition.
Specified AccuracyInsignificant range at 25 °C
Units of EngineeringStored in the device itself. Customizable range from ±1.0000E-31 to ±9.9999E+31
Start ModesProgrammable by Software. Can be started immediately or can be delayed up to 1 day.
Real-Time RecordingConnected with PC for monitoring and recording in real time.
Memory capacity32,000 readings
Rate of reading20 Hz to 12 Hours
CalibrationDigitally calibrated by software
BatteryReplaceable 3.6 V Li with 25 days of life.

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